Orgasm Oil: Empowering You and Your Uterus


Ladies, THC infused lubricant might be the answer to a happier, more empowered life. OMNI’s Orgasm Oil, our own all-natural THC infused lubricant, improves sexual and physical health, especially in women (guys, don’t be shy – it works for you, too).

THC infused lubricants can also empower women by encouraging you to make proactive choices about your health and sexuality. The more orgasms you have, the happier you’ll be (trust us). You can also use cannabis as an alternative medicine for things like menstrual cramps and even endometriosis.

Scientifically speaking, it adds up

Using cannabis to treat menstrual pain makes sense. Cramps happen when the uterus contracts and the muscle spasms causing miserable, miserable discomfort. Cannabis can relieve these muscle spasms by increasing blood flow, which provides oxygen to the muscle, resulting in pain relief.

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Marijuana cannabinoids THC and CBD are both analgesic, meaning they have pain-relieving properties. Cannabis’ pain relief abilities, however, go beyond menstrual cramps with recent evidence showing they could be used to ease symptoms caused by endometriosis and improve uterus health overall.

It’s clear that cannabis research is lacking and unfortunately research into endometriosis treatment has a long way to come as well. Anecdotal evidence, however, proves that most women who treat endo with cannabis find it to be effective.

OMNI’s Orgasm Oil is infused with 400mg of THC distillate, the anti-inflammatory properties of the drug can be used alongside its pain relief qualities to treat endometriosis and menstrual pain. You can use it at any time in the day, since using it topically or placing it on your tampon or cervical cup won’t get you high. The psychoactive properties from THC are experienced when you eat it or smoke it.

Essential oils work with THC for optimal orgasms

Made with all-natural ingredients, our Orgasm Oil aromatics are lavender and ylang-ylang, both essential oils used to relax your mind and calm your body. As a bedroom bonus, ylang-ylang has also been traditionally treated as an aphrodisiac. The oil has traces of ginger and peppermint, which stimulate blood flow. Ginger warms the skin and blood vessels, and peppermint cools them. The result is a tingling sensation on the skin and blood rushing through to your preferred area, resulting in pure joy and heightened senses. The overall result (sexually speaking) are prolonged male performance and multiple female orgasms. It’s our favourite kind of win-win situation.

The only condom-friendly THC lube on the market

Unlike most cannabis-infused lubes on the market, Orgasm Oil is latex-safe. The base of the lube is castor oil, so it won’t break down condoms; unlike commonly used bases such as coconut oil. Castor oil is moisturizing and gentle on the skin, so there’s no need to worry about irritating your sensitive areas.

Deconstructing sexual stigma starts with a conversation (and a little lube)

Taking control of previously uncontrolled things (like menstrual cramps and endometriosis pain) can be truly empowering. Women have fought for autonomy over our bodies and our sexuality, the subject is no longer taboo. A product that celebrates uterus health and gives you great orgasms puts the focus of pleasure back into women’s hands. It’s great as a solo and it’s great as a duo: it’s female-focused without excluding your partner.

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Just by talking and reading about menstrual cramps, endometriosis, orgasms, and uterus health you’re furthering the conversation of vagina sexuality and health – by people who actually have them. The stigma around these issues is real, but there are options (like our Orgasm Oil) out there to help. Letting these issues be voiced is the first step towards de-stigmatizing women’s sexual health.