Essential Oils for Holistic Healing


The Health Benefits of Essential Oils Date Back Far Into History

China, India, and Egypt are amongst the first to record using essential oils, dating as far as 3000 BC. Historically, Egyptians used essential oils for beauty purposes, to represent social status, and to worship deities. India and China were utilizing them for medicinal purposes; called Ayurvedic in India, and praised by Huang Ti, the legendary Yellow Emperor in China. The knowledge of essential oils eventually travelled around the world, gaining popularity in Greece and Rome before making its way through the rest of Europe.

While homeopathic alternatives to pharmaceuticals have always been around, they’ve seen renewed growth over the last few years. With the negative and long-term side effects of pharmaceuticals becoming more serious of a concern by society, many would rather start with a natural option. Now with cannabis acceptance growing and legalization near, more people are looking to combine them.

Research Follows Social Trends

Once holistic living and healthy lifestyles became trendy, there was a noticeable spike in research surrounding essential oils. Peppermint, for example, naturally stimulates cold-nerve receptors on your skin causing you to feel cold despite the actual temperature of the essential oil. While this seems obvious when you use a product like OMNIs Mint, it actually took scientists several years of research to discover why. Peppermint also has a calming effect, alleviating headaches and soothing sore muscles.

Scents have been proven to affect mood. On a very basic level, things like a stores perfume department or a locker room are likely to have a negative effect on your psyche, just like the smell of cookies baking or fresh laundry are likely to have a positive effect. Things like lavender will cause calming effects, with some studies stating that it can increase levels of serotonin and moderates cortisol (the stress hormone). Lavender, chamomile, and myrtle are often used for their calming effects; all of which can be found in OMNIs Unwind roll-on.

Natural Essential Oils are Superior to Synthetic Fragrances

Using natural essential oils has been proven to be much more effective than synthetic scents. This study on odorant substances shows that synthetic fragrances generally contain irritants, like solvents and propellants, which can cause adverse reactions, like migraines. Natural essential oils, however, can be used to treat things like migraines.

Now with cannabis acceptance growing and legalization near, more people are looking to use cannabis products alongside essential oils and other natural remedies.

Combined with the known healing aspects of cannabis, essential oil products can be used to promote wellness in a holistic sense. The combination is curative for the body, mind, and spirit. Their uses date back centuries, with research studies just recently focusing on their healing properties.